Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry, no catchy title today!

Feeling a little tired tonight, so no cool creative title. Didn't ride Friday, but I did put on the surcingle and longe with the sidereins. That's hard, too. He gets behind the bit, keeps his head up, and takes a short little shuffle trot step. When I crack the whip and step into him, he just picks up the canter. I know part of the problem is the fact that the footing still feels really soft, and he can't get a good grip, but a consistent pace is a REAL challenge for us.

Sooo, tracking left he almost looked a little off. I wonder if the farrier cut it a little close on the shoes this time. That would explain the misbehavior on Thursday. He's getting the whole weekend off because I had to go South to look at horse today, and will be at an IEA show tomorrow. I'm shaking in my boots right now; I have to jump our schoolie around a 2'6 course tomorrow in front of PEOPLE!! EEEKKKK! Yeah, I USED to do it. 13 YEARS ago, lol. Feeling a little more self-conscious these days. Also, I have a short, stubby leg and said schoolie is a 15.3 hand QH tank. That's lazy. I can't school him in my spurs because I don't let the kids show him in spurs, so I have to make him hack around, then jump the assigned course without embarassing myself. I can DO it!!! My team will win tomorrow, AND I will school the boys and not feel like an idiot!!! Wish me luck;)

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  1. Shucks, the schoolie is going to feel so dead under you after all this work with a sensitive TB! You'll be fine. You could always give him a little extra grain :) I gotta do the side reins thing tonight.