Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The boy's had ... how many days off, now?

I've lost track, lol! Something that's bugging me is the fact that he looks a little ouchy! I don't know if it's my imagination, or if maybe the farrier quicked him a little bit. Without a flat surface to longe him on, it's impossible to tell. I've borrowed a saddle from a client that looks like it MAY work for him! I've seen her saddle a bunch of times, but never realized how narrow her tree looks compared to the school saddles. Sooo, hopefully I can try it and see how it works. Nicole is going to meet me at the barn tomorrow evening with a few of her saddles to try on him and see which brand direction I need to go in. I've decided to try a rubber mullen mouth loose ring on him and see if he stretches into the bit a little more. I also need to punch a hole in the figure 8 and raise it up some. It looks a little low in the pics.

I have no expectations for tomorrow except to do a few transitions without bucking. That's ALL I want! I hate it that I haven't ridden him in a week, but dang it, it was 25 degrees today with 25 mph wind gusts while I was cleaning stalls. Not exatly ideal conditions for a green ex racehorse! Hoping to ride Sunday on a trail ride with the gang. It's supposed to be 65-70 and BEEYOUTIFUL!!! If all goes well, I will ATTEMPT a trace clip Friday. Should make for some amusing pics!;) Anyway, just wanted to update since I hadn't in a week!

Oh! My highschool finished Reserve Champions Sunday and got qualified for Regionals! The middleschool was Champions again. A good day, for sure!


  1. looks like you need good luck now! Prophet's leg turned out fine, so hopefully your ouchy-ness will be nothing also!

  2. Ohhh a trace clip! You brave brave girl. I can't even clip Be's bridle path, I use hand clippers :( Hubby is going to be clipping the hairy beast if I need it done. And we'll have lots of tranq on hand. Hope the off look is nothing serious.

    Yay home team!