Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Wow, oh wow, oh wow!! I cannot TELL y'all how incredibly awesome my pony was today. For one thing, my friend Becca rode him early in the day since I had plans to go saddle shopping as well. It was so weird for me to see someone else on my horse! She's the first one other than myself to sit on him since I got him. She is a really soft, sympathetic rider, and had Tiki coming down on the bit in no time! He was really starting to round and stretch into the bit; he definitely likes the happy mouth better than the heavy, cold stainless steel. His neck was rounding up, his pace was even and consistent, and he looked GREAT! I was jealous! Then, she picked up the CANTER! And cantered around and around the ring. He was balanced, he was light, and he was HAPPY.:) It was gorgeous, a GREAT canter!

Now, she had offered to "jump him around" for me. I said "Sure. You do that!" Lol. Once she'd ridden him a bit, she understood why I was nervous about attempting to actually jump him over anything solid. He's good, and fun, and sensitive, and a little pistol! I am nervous to actually take him down to solid jump to go over, but he was great with the crossrail today! Becca took hi m over the cavellettis, and he was quite good. I was so happy! Anyway, I left him in the roundpen for a little bit, then went and saddle shopped. I ended up with an Ovation showjumper saddle, and intend to try it tomorrow. Hope it works for us!!!:)

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  1. Atta boy Tiki! Lots of scritches for you! Hope the saddle is a perfect fit!