Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, yet another saddle does not fit. Grrr. So, I longed today. He was VERY good, definitely does not get behind the bit in his new mullen mouth happy mouth. He's just so LIGHT in the front end, he didn't need any sort of stainless steel at all. Stretched into the side reins, trotted around nicely. Cantered both ways very nicely. He'll definitely have a lead change, no doubt. He still cross canters a bunch on the longe, but yesterday, he simply did a flying and fixed it. Next time the chiro comes to PWF, I'll take him and get him adjusted. He was great. I didn't use his ear bonnet on purpose, and longed him right by the road. He didn't like it when the cars came by, but I'm all about the de-spooking process, lol! So, I will try another saddle today and hope I find something soon!

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  1. Man, you're just striking out every time you step up to the plate with these saddles! Maybe an adjustible gullet saddle for now while you're remuscling him, and then go on a bigger saddle search later down the line? I must say, I was surprised when the medium gullet on my wintec 2000 was deemed a titch too narrow for my thoroughbred, and I upped it to a medium wide (red) gullet. Who's ever herd of a wide thoroughbred? But sure enough...