Saturday, February 7, 2009

Freshly clipped!

Sooo, we have a saddle winner! Nicole's BdH saddle in a wide tree, no less, fit Tiki beautifully. The Wintec sat funny, and the Kieffer put pressure just behind the withers, but the BdH sat straight and perfect on his back. I put on just my fleece half pad (not the thick wool one) and the saddle, then hopped on with his halter and lead rope and trotted around for a minute to test out the saddle. He moved GREAT, it was super comfy, and I was psyched! Sooo, soon as the tax refund comes in, I will be making my way to Dover. :)

Decided to go with a "chaser" clip instead of a full trace clip. I got nervous that he would get too cold taking off all the hair on his belly and off his butt. I can always REMOVE more hair, but once it's gone, it's gone. Our 15 degree days may not be over yet! Planning to go on a trail with the girls tomorrow, then come back and give him a bath. Borrowed a happy mouth bit to try; I'm just looking for something he can feel contact with, and stretch into it, rather than back off of. Sorry again for the crappy quality pic; I will remember the ACTUAL camera tomorrow! Now, I'm gonna enjoy the Budweiser Shootout and watch my man Jimmie Johnson win it!

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