Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yesterday was good, too!

So, rode my pony in the back 15 again. He is so cute! He does what I call a "whuffle". Just this soft little snort sound that he does when he's alert, and when he's relaxed. When the head is UP and he whuffles, he's looking. When the head is down and he whuffles, he's totally chilled. Well, throughout the complete warmup, he was whuffling. Got in some GREAT trotting yesterday. Good rhythm, nice bend in the neck, did a very good turn on the forehand. It was a bit of a short ride because I was in a hurry, so I went down to our little jump. He rushed it a little. Very bold feeling, but I don't want "see the jump and run at it". I am giving him today off since I'm crunched for time, and may longe him tomorrow, then ride Friday (so long as it doesn't rain). Planning to trailer him out to PWF Saturday so all my kids can meet him, then ride in the rings. My friend and I MAY trailer from PWF out to Wills Park where a show is going on, and just get them de-sensitized, but I don't want to pay to do that. That may be another weekend's task.:) Anyway, off to go earn his keep and clean stalls!!


  1. Awww someone is getting quite fond of that chestnut cutie! Good job, Tiki!

  2. I've just found this blog, and it's great! I love how detailed you've been with the steps in training, listing the good and the bad. I've ridden a few OTTB in the past; in fact, my favorite lesson horse was one (who had lost all three races!) They can be super, fantastic, awesome horses! I look forward to seeing him keep coming along; he should make a great cross country horse :)

    I do have a question though: You keep referring to him as your pony, how tall is he? I fully understand if it's just a nick-name, for I call my 11 year-old dog "puppy" :)

  3. Hi Tori! Thanks for your comment.:) He's so great, I'm very excited to be bringing along. He is a 15.2 hand horse, but to me, he's my PONEE!:) I'm just happy to have a journey to blog about!