Saturday, January 10, 2009

Got lucky!:)

Yup, got lucky today! I hurried home, and got to the barn before the rain arrived. I lured him with a peppermint, knocked the dirt off, and took him out to the BIG back pasture, where there were no horses today. Began by walking up the huge hill to the top of the pasture. Trotted around, working on consistent pace. No bucking; he was definitely a little fresh. His feet get to moving so fast, it's just this frantic speed. I concentrate on breathing, half halting, and slowing the rhythm down. He was decent for being in a COMPLETELY different spot, cars were wizzing by, and he was looking at everything.

Made our way down the hill back to the front of the pasture, then I hacked BACK to the top. Trotted a few more relaxed laps, went back down, then back up again. Yup, we were butt training today with the hills!:) Turned and followed the fence line down the hill towards the bo's additional 15 acres. What did we find? But a big railroad tie type log lying in a nice flat area. You guessed it! I asked him to step over it first, and he protested a little, but walked over without too much fuss. I then got up in 2 point, grabbed mane, trotted, and he gave me a perfect little hop over and landed in the canter. Of course I had to do it again, and he was perfect! Continued following the fence line, and came across the little river made by all the rain runoff flowing down the hill to the little pond. Yeah, we had to walk through it. I asked, he backed up. Asked again, he backed and snorted. Asked again, and he walked over/through it. I sang his praises, patted his neck, and told him how mjuch I loved him. Walked down to the pond where the little river narrowed into a tiny little ditch. I walked up to it, got in 2 point and grabbed mane, gave him a kick, and he leapt over. What a good boy! I let him be done with that and then rewarded him with a little mane pulling. Total sarcasm; the boy HATES having his mane pulled. It really does work better when he's warm, though, so I pulled it just a LITTLE, plyed him with 6 or 7 peppermints, then put him in his stall so he could have dinner. Good day today. The only advantage to not having a ring is having to be creative about where/how you ride. At least it's good for de-spooking! Hopefully I can ride Monday now.:)

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