Friday, July 17, 2009

Interesting day today ...

Took a lesson today from Susan across the street. She came over to the farm and gave me the lesson there. It was good. She kicked my BUTT, lol. He is SO lazy right now ... may try riding him with a dressage whip. It's tough to get much accomplished when he just won't go forward. Anyway, worked on getting him to track up through the trot/walk/trot transitions. I'm guilty of "throwing him away" in the upward transition, and dropping my leg during the downward transition. He wasn't bending as well as he had in the past, and Susan had me change my wrist and hands a little bit. It helped once we had cantered, and she suggested warming up with a little canter right in the beginning. Will be interesting to try it and see if he wakes up a little. Worked on balancing and slowing the canter a little more, and practiced some flying changes. All in all, quite good, and once again gave me some great homework to work on.

The funny part was after the lesson. I gave Tiki a jolly ball with a rope through it, then sat in a corner of his stall and watched him. He was SO funny, lol. Picked it up by the rope, banged it against the wall, spun it around, dropped it, bit the ball ... then he came over to me. He stuck his tongue out, twisted it up, pulled it back into his mouth. I stood and looked out the window of his stall, and he thoroughly sniffed every inch of me. It was so strange! He is just such a funny personality. We have definitely bonded now; he used to not like me messing with him at all. Now, he stands still as a statue while I spend 45 minutes fussing over his grooming, then just plays and noses and nudges while I sit in his stall with him for half an hour. He has no toys; I guess I'll look tomorrow when I go to the tack store and see if I can find him something.:) May do a little easy solo trail across the street tomorrow.
ETA: Here is the video from where Celeste and I trailered to that arena. You can see how slow his trot is and how NOT on the bit he is:) Hopefully Hubby will come out soon and video us jumping a little bit so y'all can have the 'before' and 'after'.

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