Friday, July 31, 2009

We did it!

It was raining today, and wasn't sure I'd get a ride in. I'm super conscious about the footing in the ring, and wasn't sure if it would be too wet since it's rained several days in a row. Got there and one of my friends had finished riding, so I assumed the footing was fine. Tacked up my boy, and went up to examine the jump she and her lovely mare Star had jumped. A nice, solid 3'3 vertical. I moved around a few cavellettis so I would have something to warm up over, then dropped the jump 2 holes down to 2'9. No placing poles this time.:) Did a nice, easy trot and canter both ways and he felt pretty good. A little stiff, but then I haven't ridden him since Tuesday. After the light warm up, worked him pretty good at the trot, used some of the exercises I observed at the PWF dressage clinic from Wednesday. We did a shallow serpentine, really working on bending and flexing. Alternated that with a 5 loop serpentine, and by the time I'd done it several times arond the ring, he really did feel more supple and responsive. Cantered again; this time on the bit and me sitting down, and he felt really good. I didn't have to haul on the reins at all today ... on days when he pulls, I give him a HUGE half halt, then let go completely so I don't teach him to hang on me. It doesn't LOOK pretty, but it gets the job done. Anyway, he felt nice and light today; no need to hugely half halt. Trotted over a cavelletti; good. Trotted over a cavelletti oxer; good. Rinsed and repeated. Cantered in to both and he felt great. Without giving myself time to think, turned and cantered left lead to the Jump. A little longer than I would have liked, but not bad. Reversed, cantered down to an identical distance. Reversed and changed my ride a little bit; steadied more in the corner and closed my leg down to the jump. That was the ticket; nailed the distance. Reversed, rinsed and repeated. Perfect. Without allowing myself to think, got off and raised the jump to 3'. Got back on, cantered in left lead and nailed it PERFECTLY. I jumped off while he was walking and loosened the girth, praising and scratching his head. Not too shabby for someone that hasn't jumped 3' in literally I can't even REMEMBER how long! Tiki was brave and bold; didn't even hesitate. We've hit our height goal. I want him to be a 3' horse for me. If we ever get higher, great! If not, I'm FINE with that. 3' is big enough to be exhillirating, but not so big that if you miss a distance you meet with tragedy. Plus, he has an old bowed tendon, so I don't want to jump him 5' or anything like that. I am SO PROUD of both of us ... it was a big day for me to try that by myself.:)

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  1. Thats great! He's really coming along nicely!