Thursday, July 2, 2009

Minor setback ...

Had a pretty darn good ride Tuesday. Went out Wednesday afternoon planning to ride in the back pasture. Took Audrey back there and managed to survive, so started grooming my boy ... and found a baseball sized lump behind his right elbow. There was a large gash there, and I thought for a minute it was a puncture. Thank GOD it was just a cut. A slightly deep one, but still not a puncture. Cold hosed, cleaned with Betadine, and applied some SWAT. Vet came out today for spring shots and took a look at it. He said it looked OK, but if it swelled up again to call him. Looked MUCH better today; almost no swelling at all. Cold hosed again, rubbed it lightly with my bathing loofah (gave him a bath), and put some Tri Care ointment on it. I'm not in love with SWAT. It does have its uses, but I don't like it long term. The cut today was pretty crusted over, so there really wasn't much to "clean". He got 2 grams of bute last night, and 1 gram tonight as a 'just in case'. Planning a trail ride tomorrow so long as it looks good. He did look sound; Tiki got turned out in the big pasture tonight with the 5 boys that have always gone out there. He did very well, but there was a little bit of trotting/cantering going on, and he looked beautimous.:) Oh well, still about 7 weeks until our debut show together! Dropped my tall boots off at the cobbler to have some elastic gussetts put in ... Lord, help me!!

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