Thursday, July 9, 2009

We've got a SADDLE!!!!

FINALLY. How long has it been since I began the search for a saddle? I've tried about a dozen ones on him. Finally, found an off the shelf saddle that fits him fabulously. It's the BdH regular tree from Dover. Rode in it this morning after determining last night that it fit well enough to try ... ended up taking off the half pad because the saddle fits so well he just doesn't need it. I'd never ridden in one, so I had no idea if I would like it at all. Something interesting occured ... when I got to the jumping phase of our ride, I did NOT get left behind. I have a getting left behind problem; probably 50% of the time, I get left behind, either a teeny little bit, or pretty dramatically. I jumped probably ... 10 times total, and got left behind once ... and I knew it was going to happen. My conclusion is that I'm much more balanced in this saddle that ACTUALLY fits! It fits so well I can see now how badly the Wintec was really fitting him. After our ride, checked out the sweat marks, and they were uniform, with no strange dry marks anywhere (like with the Wintec). So, keeping it and trying to get it broken in before I show him in 7 weeks ... :)


  1. How exciting!!! I love a new saddle!! (Just not the breaking it in part). When I got my Pessoa I almost died riding in it the first week. But Hydrophane saved the day, it really helps break leather in quickly.