Monday, September 13, 2010

Shooting for AEC's next year!

So. I've got my next year's goal set. Achieved my one for this year (clinic with a BNT; NOT George Morris, but Jeff Cook!) My goal for next year is to qualify and compete at the AEC's. What a FUN time I had volunteering! I thought BN was awesome; the bank was HARD. A big square table top oxer landing on an up ramp, 4 strides off a HUGE drop.

Novice had a TOUGH ramp jump into water; most of the falls were at this jump. Training looked INTENSE. The water complex was a mound with a rolltop on top, a big drop into the water, then a squirrely line out to a skinny. A jump off a big bank, then a TIGHT turn to offset skinny "barns". That's my FIVE year goal:)

Not much happened last week. Monday and Tuesday I did some dressage flatwork. Tuesday he was nuts. Like snorty, spooky, NOT happy at ALL. I was a little disturbed; wish I could have talked to him to find out what was going on. Wednesday I stuck him in the surcingle and side reins, and he seemed just fine. Worked some nice transitions on the longe line. Good boy! Thurs and Fri I volunteered at the AEC's, and Saturday I was BUSY.

Sunday, we had our second PWF schooling show. I threw him on the trailer with Nicole's Star, and her friend Debbie's Kelly. My plan was for him to get in some pre-IEA stuff going. A novice kid of mine was doing him 2', one of my stronger kids was doing him 2'6, then my right hand teenager (the same one as last show) did him 3'. He was definitely tired by the end. Started off pretty darn fresh; the kid is quite novice, and had NEVER ridden him ... all that being what it was, they did pretty OK. He was definitely lit up, but never threatened to run away or anything.

My stronger kid did a better job. Still had a few moments where he saw his spot to a jump and ran a little, but was overall much steadier. The 3' he looked GREAT. Settled in beautifully, and jumped around no problem. I love my little muffin!

Gave him today and he will have tomorrow off (he worked HARD Sunday), then Wed I'll do trot sets. Thurs will most likely be a flat day, then Friday hills. We'll jump again next Monday.

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