Friday, September 3, 2010

Tired of fire trucks!

From having NEVER been exposed to a fire, to being exposed to it twice in 3 weeks ... our next door neighbor's house burned last night. His grill somehow caught the house on fire. No people/animals were injured this time, but we have some pretty major damage to the siding on OUR house from the extreme heat, yikes! What a devastating loss to our neighbors ... it's just so scary and random.:(

A tiny bit of news on the horsey front: I'm taking my first ever xc lesson tomorrow, yipee! I will be riding in a small group with Mary Bess Sigman at Calimar Farm tomorrow:) I can't wait; SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gave Muffin a bath and clipped his muzzle/bridle path in preparation.

Nothing terribly exciting on the riding front this week. Monday I didn't ride for some reason ... laziness, I think it was.;) Tuesday, had plans for another jump school since the footing would still be good. Led him up, and realized Nicole had jacked up some of the jumps ... hmmmm ... left them. The highest was 3', looked like the others were 2'9. I won't lie; they looked BIG, haha. Especially since I still planned my tight turns/crazy lines type course. For some odd reason, Tiki warmed up GREAT. Wow, he felt frickin' amazing. Soft, floaty, bendy, supple. I was floored. Jumping was just as fab. He was straight, responsive, and really really good. LOVE my Muffin!

Wednesday, I planned an intensive flat (dressage) day. He REALLY wasn't feeling the love as much. I had in a dressage legal Mikmar loose ring, and he was just super fussy with his head/neck/mouth. VERY mouth gaping, very herky-jerky:( He was just a little bit pissy in general. Worked through the nonsense; did trot spirals, leg yields, LOTS of working walk on contact, trot/canter transitions, walk/canter transitions, trot down the center line and halt ... canter/halt transitions. Worked for about 40 minutes, which for us, is a pretty long time for a flat school.

Thursday had planned trot sets, but I felt AWFUL. Had bad gas pains in my gut, as well as aches and chills:( Spent pretty much most of the day in bed.

Today I skipped over the trot sets and worked hills since I knew he'd get in lots of trotting/cantering/jumping tomorrow. Taking him with me to PW, then leaving from there to head to Calimar. Will report back with how it goes! Volunteering for the AEC's Thurs and Fri of next week; can't wait!:)


  1. Have Fun at your XC lesson tom! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

    and yes... fire is very scary. That sounded a bit too close for comfort. I am so glad to hear that no one was hurt!

  2. Your Tiki reminds me of my Buddy! Both of their manes do the same thing. Love those red heads :)