Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where did Fall go, again?

So, wishing it was about 84 outside instead of 94. Oh well, can't have it all!

I've had a tire with a slow leak for several months now, and the slow leak finally turned into a fast one! Haha, so Thursday I had to got sit and wait for a tire to get put on instead of ride my boy.

Friday, I decided to go ahead and flat instead of do hills. I'm trying to get my dressage bridle broken in, and STILL trying to figure out which bit I'm going to use. AGH! So frustrating. Since my goal is to finish the horse trial on my dressage score, the dressage score needs to be a competitive one. My friend Becca has a thick mouthed loose ring with a waterford ball in the center. His little head is SO small, that I didn't know how he would like that bit; it is REALLY thick compared to others I've used. He felt ... good. What I've decided is I'm going to take 2 more dressage lessons before the show, and let Susan tell me which one to use. He did FEEL really nice in it, but I can't see his mouth from on top of his back.

Anyway, tried to work on trot lengthening, precise trot/canter transitions, turns on the forehand, spirals at the trot and walk, and canter circles. It was a really lovely school; pulling was VERY minimal, and he was back to his usual Squeaky self. No lookey-loo/spooky nonsense. Worked on not chasing him, keeping my shoulders back, and letting GO. Felt pretty good, if I do say so myself!


  1. Hey have you checked if that bit is legal? They're really strict with bit check, and by the description its not, if its a "waterford" type kinda seems not, is it a lozengey type?

  2. Its more like a french link with a lozenge...but the lozenge is more of a ball than an oval...same mouth piece as a regular snaffle with the ball in the center instead of a single joint.

    But, I am not a DQ so I have no idea if its legal...I just love that bit!