Monday, September 27, 2010

It's inevitible ...

that the horse trial is looming about a month away, and my horse injures himself. It doesn't look too serious, thank goodness. He chewed up the inside of his left front. That's the leg with the bowed tendon, so the swelling looks worse than it really is, I think. There was some heat and swelling about halfway down the inside of the left front, down to the side of the fetlock. I guess once it's healed up, it's back in turnout boots for the Muffin! Luckily, he trotted out sound, so hopefully after another day of cold hosing, he'll be good to go by Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday was regular training day; Thursday was hills, Friday was trot/canter sets. He was a super boy both days. Got the weekend off, then had planned to ride him today, but the swelling and booboo prevented that.

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