Friday, October 1, 2010

Good things happening ...

Fortunately, the "injury" wasn't too significant. Cold hosed for 2 days, then proceeded to hack lightly in the ring and cold hose again. Thursday was an off day because of a little field trip to Dover to get new field boots! Woo Hoo!! Today I decided to practice 16 year old rusty braiding skills; not to mention I've NEVER sewn in/braided button braids before. I think considering his mane hasn't been pulled in 2 years, and I've been scissor cutting it, the braiding went fairly well.:) Took me a solid hour and a half to put them in.

Rode in Nicole's dressage saddle today. I havent' ridden in one in FOREVER, and it was cool to feel how it immediately opened up my hip angle, and helped me sit up. My stirrups were a hair too long, and the new boots squeaked against the Wintec pleather like crazy, but the ride was pretty good. The little booger REALLY wants to miss his left lead (the GOOD one) on the 20m circle approaching X. It's quite annoying. Thank goodness I have a month to DRILL that little exercise. Good boy today, 100% sound, and getting ready for Halloween!!!:)

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