Sunday, October 31, 2010

A good start ...

Wow. I almost have no words. I am so relieved and happy. I am OFFICIALLY no longer a "Hunter princess playing at being an eventer". I am NOW "A former Hunter princess turned eventer"

What an amazing weekend. It rained Mon-Wed like CRAZY, then had 2 good days of sun; footing on Saturday was magnificent. I was SO nervous. I TRIED to stay as cool and calm as I could, but all I could think about was getting eliminated xc. Walked the course Friday when I arrived, and was really nervous about MANY of the questions. My issue with my boy is I get fixated on what makes me nervous, and don't always give him a confident ride. When he's going in "cold" to jump a course, he MUST have a good, confident ride.So ... I was just so nervous that I would let him down and lean forward, let him get too fast, etc.

Had ALL day Saturday to get ready for dressage (2:45), and SOMEHOW ended up in the warmup ring only about 13 minutes before I needed to lay down my test. I wanted a SOLID 30 minutes to help him get relaxed, because he HATES crowds ... and horses passing him ... and horses coming at him ... and ... you get the picture. So after 13 minutes, he was short strided, tense, and certainly NOT anywhere close to being "on the bit".The test went OK. The Myler D-ring is legal by the way. I entered the ring and did the best I could. Problems I could identify was that I was tense and nervous, HE was a little unsettled and tense, and coming from the free walk to the collected walk, he jigged. Overall, score was a little disappointing. I got straight 5's with a few 4's thrown in. Yikes! 53.4 was my score. The judges card showed pretty much nothing but "collection", and "topline". So, we have homework. That's all I can think of. XC description in a little bit!!

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