Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can't wait to win the lottery!

So I can spend every weekend doing some horsey activity, haha! Had a great time today riding with my friend Becca. She has just moved her horse to Tiki's barn, and I'm super excited to have another friend there. Next Saturday is a hunter pace; the following Saturday is a Mary Bess Sigman clinic; that Sunday is a show at Chatt Hills; the next weekend is ... you get the idea. I just don't have the resources to do all that I so desperately want to. Oh well, at least I get to RIDE my OWN horse, and not make do with everyone else's. I've waited a really long time for this reality, and now that I have it, I will NOT ruin it by wishing for more than I have.

Jumped for the first time in 2 weeks. Set up a course with 2 outside lines and 2 inside singles. Added a new jump; Becca gave me some cabinets to use as a jump, and they look/work great! Mark dragged the ring, so the footing was excellent. Gave Muffin a nice, long grooming, then tacked him up with the usual. Still have the 3 ring on the jumping bridle. Wore my new boots, and tied my feet to the girth. He felt a little stiff today; not TERRIBLY surprising considering he had yesterday off, and what was really just a hack on Friday. Normally, his first day of really WORKING is just OK; he "warms up" well in subsequent days as we work consistently.

When I flatted, I did the circle/counter canter/circle/flying change exercise again. Lead changes weren't as clean as they had been last time I did that. Honestly, I think my stirrups were a little too tight! Ooops, haha. Warm up felt GREAT. Trot into a small crossrail, canter out in 6 to the new cabinet jump. He could have cared less. Did again, and again, pretty perfect. Did outside/inside/outside/inside. The first outside was 5 strides with a low crossrail/low cabinet. Inside was a tall x rail. Other outside was stack oxer (low) to a 2'6 single, and final inside was a 2'6 single. Nothing big; they didn't need to be. First course was pretty ok. Didn't MISS any distances, but did have to make some last minute adjustments. Tried to work on building pace in the corners so I can sit up and balance to the jump. We both felt pretty decently good; I got him a little too forward, which flattened him out and caused some leaning in the corners. He was SO forward, he was just about leaving a stride out! Re grouped, and got him a little more under control. Again, and it wasn't bad at all. Did it a final time, and missed to the long approach to the big crossrail, then the outside low line just didn't click well. Finished by approaching the tall x rail off a long canter one more time, and NAILED it. I did what I had forgotten almost every time. 2-point, build pace in the corner. Sit up as soon as I sight in on jump. About 10 strides away, start to half halt and balance with reins ... ADD LEG. That's what I forgot, the leg. He balanced right up, lifted that shoulder, and nailed the distance perfectly. Quit there.

Becca and I finished with a little trail walk through the big pasture. Both boys were picture perfect; great way to spend a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Like! (grin)
    At least it looks nice and dry in GA. Wish I could say the same for up in Ontario.