Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, one week exactly. I think I'm about ready. Had a pretty good dressage lesson. Here's my run through of our dressage test:

Consensus is that I need to carry my hands quieter, and do a better job of maintaining outside rein contact. I've shortened up my stirrups by one hole since then, and my leg feels much better.

Friday I didn't ride, and Saturday I rode with Becca. I practiced my corners, and then cantered a low vertical and a small square oxer several times. He was a rockstar. Sunday at the IEA show, he was GREAT!!!!! Great, I tell you! I couldn't have wished for him to be more perfect; I was super happy. Incidintely (sp?), we won our first show of the season! Go PWF:)

Monday off, hills in the halter Tuesday, dressage school Wednesday, and trot/canter sets today. He was so lazy today, lol. I actually had to kick him at the canter, and allowed him to open up into a gallop, but he didn't really care that much to gallop today. He is so quiet when he's at home. Barely touched his face at all today! Tomorrow a light flat with a single vertical to hop over both ways, weekend off. Monday a jump lesson, Tuesday and Wednesday hills/hack in the pasture, Thursday dressage lesson, Friday CHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS! Woo Hoo! Dressage and xc will be Saturday and showjumping Sunday.

My goals are as follows:

1. Not get eliminated

2. Stadium and xc no refusals

3. Finish on my dressage score

Wish us luck!