Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great week:)

My boy has been super this week! I love the little muffin brain; he is so much fun!

Monday I jumped again. Had the same course from Sunday set up. Flatted him fairly lightly, always practicing picking up my canter on an open 20 m circle since that seems to be our biggest dressage test weakness. The 3 ring waterford really feels like almost too much bit on the flat, but I'm using the oppourtunity to really get him in front of my hand and into the bit. Set every jump at 2'6 (except for the new, teeny cabinet jump). Made one of the diagonal singles a square oxer. I'd decided to jump the same course 3 times; at 2'6, 2'9, and 3'. First course felt really nice. He backed off the oxer a little, but jumped it well. Hopped off, raised everything to 2'9; ramped the oxer this time. Jumped everything well; I really worked hard at "building scope and stride in the corner", then steadying (and adding leg) to the jump. All but the oxer was fab; I was just a little long to it, but not bad. Raised up the jumps one more time ... I wimped out and didn't jack up the oxer; just sqauared it up :) He jumped everything well except for one of the singles; he knocked it down, and the oxer ... we were coming in long, so I pulled on his face and he chipped in a stride. Kept cantering around, and came up to it one more time. NAILED it perfectly, so we quit there.

Tuesday, I held horses for the farrier. True story: Pulled Tiki out to get his shoes. Eric picked up his left front; Tiki started shaking like crazy, and breathing like a maniac. Since he's known to be a little bit of a spaz, Eric and I figured he was having a neurotic moment. Dealt with it for about 2 minutes, and finally Eric decided to go ahead and pull the other front shoe in case something was amiss ... he had a GIANT rock in that shoe that was pressing painfully against his sole. AGH! Poor baby. I felt so bad. Eric knocked the rock out, and Tiki was perfect.

Wednesday I opted for a dressage school again. Put on Nicole's dressage saddle, padded it up, and strapped on the dressage bridle. He was good until I started the canter; I need to put in the med gullet; it has the extra wide gullet in now, and I think at the canter, it was sitting on his shoulder too hard core. Nicole said I could swap it, so I think I will:) Transitions were fair; it wasn't a telling ride since the saddle wasn't sitting perfect.

Today I worked a combo hills and hack. Walked the less steep hill on the opposite side of the pasture from where I've been working him lately. Did that 3 times, then hacked the flat spot up by the road. I'd taken off the noseband, and was in the loose ring; he was a little bit of a jerk. Decent at the trot, really tried to pull and lay on me in the canter. Mouth was GAPING open, and he was "voicing" his displeasure at being made to w/t/c in his pasture. Circled a few times at the canter and held him up HARD with my inside leg. Ended on a good note.

Haven't decided yet on what tomorrow will bring. Whatever it is, I'll make sure he works hard! Body clipping this weekend; pics to follow!:)

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