Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 years ago today ...

In order of pics (because I'm too stupid to figure out how to put captions under the pics:( )
  • Track pic
  • Unloading at 'Crazy Lady' farm
  • First time working
  • First trail ride
  • First hunter class
  • First jumper class
  • First "all jumper" show
  • First clinic
  • First ditch
  • First XC schooling
  • First hunter pace
  • First time showing 3'
  • First Horse Trial
  • A few days ago


  1. Thank you for showing those! I believe he has grown!! I know he has gained weight and muscle, but he seems taller now too! You're so lucky, and so is he.

  2. Wow has he changed!! SO cool to look back and see the progress you and him have made. :)

  3. Ya know, I think he HAS gotten a little bit taller. I need to stick him and see how big he is; he was 15.2 when I brought him home. I will stick him and report back:) I can tell you his blanket size has increased from a 72 to a 75/76:)