Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moving forward

Thanks for all the HSS opinions. I think it's a freshness thing, and an ear irritant thing. Yesterday, I had a pretty nice dressage school. Rode for a solid half hour with no walk breaks. The footing was nice; he felt pretty lovely.:)

My trot felt like a great rhythm; he is SO stiff at the walk. He just despises the contact at the walk. I worked hard on myself, trying to keep a good contact in both the hands and the legs. The canter was again very large, lol. It's hard to sit when he's so big and strong and forward. I did a different exercise: the shallow serpentine where I change bend from inside to outside back to inside as a leg yield in, then leg yield back out. I did it at the sitting trot, and after a few poopy passes, got a couple of NICE leg yields.

I got him finally to settle at the canter by keeping him on a 20m circle, then came across a diagonal with a flying change. The change was late, but he got it clean. The left lead canter on the 20m circle was a little lighter and more uphill, so I came across again to flying change back to the right, and it was an UGLY lead change. He got along fine changing by himself on the jump course, but resists and gets stiff, fast, and unresponsive when I actually ASK him for one. I'm sure it's my lack of timing there. Hopefully furthering myself with dressage lessons will fix that eventually:)

Monday will hold a jump school for me so long as rain doesn't mess with the footing. Will set the cavs up somehow, and will remove the perpindicular poles from the vertical. Not yet sure what it will be, but I'll figure something out:)

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