Monday, August 29, 2011

New Tip of the week:)

Well, Muffin Man has officially lost his slipped back hind shoe. Actually, I'm told honorary little sis Nicole pulled the shoe off for me this weekend so the turd brain didn't impale himself on a nail. Farrier not coming until Thursday, so guess no riding for me this week:( I taped the foot up really well with Gorilla Tape. Will see how that holds up; may be doubling up on Vetwrap and duct tape tomorrow. Guess we'll find out how that goes.

Today's Tip of the Week is FINALLY brought to you by a reader and fellow blogger Becky.

Her tip: You can use Vitamin A & D cream (commonly known as Desitin, or diaper rash ointment) on any wound that has healed but is not growing hair back. It helps hair grow back without coming in a different color, such as white, and at a much faster rate than if you had left it alone. You can also purchase some creams with Vitamin E in it as well, which helps speed up the healing process. Very easy, cheap and effective!

Not only is that tip great for horses, it's SO useful for people too! Ever had "road rash" on your legs at the end of a hot, sweaty day? Diaper rash ointment makes it feel SO much better:)

Thanks Becky! If YOU have a money saving tip or a nifty trick to make life easier, just shoot me an e-mail at
We can ALL use ideas to help make life easier:) Don't expect much else out of me this week. Stay tuned for next Monday ...

OH! The welt is completely gone:) Like it was never there!

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  1. You should keep an Easy Boot on hand for those shoe-loss emergencies.