Thursday, August 11, 2011

MAYBE cooler temps peeking through?

Driving down the road this morning with the windows open actually felt a little coolish this morning! Planning a dressage school tomorrow; will probably consult my "101 Dressage Exercises" book for ideas. Yesterday I walked hills. Actually hadn't done that in a while. He was fresh and pissy; and yes, he shook his head. You know what I almost think it is? I noticed that his forelock was touching his ears; I wonder if Mr. Sensitive Red Head is irritated at his hair having the nerve to touch his ears. Lol. That may be it. I had tried to tie a hair net on the noseband of his bridle to try that, but I guess I wasn't doing it right. I did that, and he went NUTS trying to eat the hairnet:) He was a good boy. Looking forward to riding tomorrow!

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