Friday, August 26, 2011

Heading out of town for a few days:)

Today was another sigh worthy day. Went to pull the Muffin man out, and not only is his right hind shoe slipped back, he has a HUGE welt on his left side, right where my leg would go if I were bareback. Very strange. He was not painful on it, it WAS very itchy, and I couldn't find any sort of a stinger or anything in it. So I dunno.

Sooo ... rather than ride, I treated a little bit of fungus on his right hind leg around the hock area, put some Sore No More liniment on the welt, de-wormed him, and gave him a shot of Dex. Woo hoo, exciting:)

Wednesday, I had a nice ride on him in the dressage tack. I am still working on his neck and head staying secure and stable within the transitions; basically, making sure his back stays UP and not hollow. I did a couple of rein backs that were good, and a few turns on the forehand. Our upward transitions from trot to canter were really nice, and I got a leg yield that was AMAZING. Best one he's ever done, for sure.

Finally got TWO really nice lead changes:) I did an exercise I've done before where I cantered left, came across a diagonal, cantered right on the counter lead, came back across and circled left, then came across again with a lead change. Rinsed and repeated on the other side, and just worked on steadiness in the canter and across the diagonal, then got a super clean straight change. It felt GREAT, so I stopped there. Guess I won't be riding again until the swelling goes down and the shoes are re-done.

Leaving for Tennessee as soon as the hubs gets home from work. A friend gave us tickets to Bristol Motor Speedway, so we'll be heading to race track to watch the Bristol Sprint Cup race, woo hoo! So excited, we've been dying to see the Bristol race for a few years now:)

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