Friday, May 15, 2009

AND ... We have FOOTING!!!!!

I am psyched beyond words! Went to the barn today to ride 3 ponies and clean stalls; when I was starting on my 2nd one, Mark came home. He was coming home to supervise the truckloads of FOOTING going into the ring, woo hoo!!! I am just beyond happy, lol. The addition of the footing will really make me feeling the need to trailer my boy all over heck and creation just go away, for the most part. He had done the footing ( they'd done about 12 truckloads when I left, so not sure if the remaining 9 were done today, but I bet they were) before the fencing, which I am super happy about. You can ride without a fence, but it's a lot harder without the footing. Now it's time to set/build a jump course, and we are SET:):)

Rode my boy. He was quite good. Switched the bit to an Herm Sprenger D-ring with a german silver mouth and a little bean. Seemed about as good in this one as he was in the loose ring, but this one has no bit guards to rub a sore on the side of his lip. He just has that SENSITIVE chestnut skin. Worked on the half turn in reverse, bend, bend, bend, and not leaning in the corners. He made me work. He worked. It was hot today; this summer is going to be brutal, I fear. We rode down in the small arena, because that's where I worked the other ponies so I could "free longe" them first. Not necessary with Tiki; in fact, we've been working with the spurs on for several weeks now. Cantered today, but only one lap each direction. Missed the right lead twice, got it on the 3rd try. It's just hard for him. He'll get there. He'll get there even faster now that there's a lovely level ring with good footing.:)


  1. Ohhhh footing! I want! You lucky ducky you!

  2. I have a HUGE level of respect for you. Trailering out to the trainer to lesson is a LOT of work, lol. I left for the barn at 12:30 this afternoon, and didn't get home until 10:00. LONG day for sure!

  3. The hard part is getting hubby finished up at the track in time to help me put the ramp up before rushing off to said lesson. I think I'm going to have to teach the wonder mare how to load herself and be ready to go when we pull in the driveway. ;) I am usually gone 11:30a to about 3:00p. This Saturday the whole barn is at a show so my instructor and I plan to go for a trail ride afterwards. That will be a long day. Her TB doesn't trailer without freaking so she appreciates the company