Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big week this week:)

Well, took my boy to PWF yesterday for our first lesson with my boss/trainer Janet. It was HARD. I worked my bootie off, and so did the Tiki man! He trailered over well. I had borrowed a friend's trailer that boards at Tiki's barn. He got off, ate some grass, and I tacked him up. He was as spit shined as I could get him. I even pulled/trimmed his mane, clipped his muzzle, bp, and fetlocks. Attempted the ears for the first time, and they only turned out OK. Definitely need some cleaning up, oops! That wasn't his favorite thing.

We worked on what we desperately needed to work on; going FORWARD but NOT fast. Hard, hard, hard. The technique is to post heavy and SLOW, but keep on a TON of leg. Of course, I put my leg on, he wants to SPEED up. Janet got on, and diagnosed our core problem. Tiki has NO mouth. In our defense, I have been working on slow, straight, and soft contact. The problem is he doesn't accept the contact and round his neck and work his back. She also said his left hind is pretty weak, and some back shoes may help that. Sooo ... we brought out the draw reins. She had me use the draw reins to teach him how to give to bit pressure. We did that at a standstill and a walk. I alternated back and forth between the draw rein and rein to help him associate the give with the regular reins. Did a little wtc with the draw reins for about 15 minutes then took them off to jump. All we jumped was a decent crossrail. Trotted in each way twice, and let me tell y'all, it was the BEST trot jump we'd ever done. He actually trotted in quiet all the way to the base, then JUMPED the jump well. Janet said it was because he was softening his jaw and unlocking his neck and back a little bit.

Taking him back tomorrow for my friend Becca to lesson on with me, then it's across the street on Thursday. I will update then!:)

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  1. You got wheels! Whoo hoo! Nothing like an experianced set of eyes on the ground to get you to the next level. Attaboy Tiki!