Saturday, May 30, 2009

Racehorses are bred to RUN, you know!

Rode Thursday for the first time this week after giving Tiki man 3 days off:) Rode in the fabu new ring, and he felt pretty good up there. There are still some big piles of footing, so I can't really pull in any jumps or poles yet because Mark has to be able to maneuver his little tractor thing around up there. Sooo, I just rode my little track to the inside of the piles. He is so giving to the bit and dropping his head now. He just needed that ONE lesson with the draw reins to teach him HOW to break at the poll and give with the jaw. Unfortunately, the bit I'm riding him in right now is a $140 bit from Dover!! Eeek. Tried him in a Waterford bit today, but couldn't get a real feel about it for 2 reasons; 1. We went on a trail ride and 2. He was a little fresh! Rode him out solo because I don't want him to get sour in the ring. He felt so funny; very fresh, a little looky, reluctant to be leaving his buddies at dinner time ... you name it! Also, he got back shoes today for the first time since I've owned him. His back feet were VERY chewed up, so it was time ... at least for a few shoeing cycles. Went into the pulpwood forest, and he was good. As I said, reluctant, but good. I made the title about racehorses being bred to run, because I let him out for a little gallop; he LOVES it. My horse LOVES to run. I don't know if he failed at racing because he would run his heart out and he was too slow, or if for some reason he didn't fully perform, but he really enjoys it when I get in 2-point and let go of his face. LOVE my pony! Taking tomorrow off, then planning to ride M-F next week.


  1. My girl Sydney also LOVES to go for a gallop!! It's definatly a TB thing!

    Question for you, have you used fly predators or do you know anyone who has?


  2. My barn owner says she's used them before, and they did an ok job. She didn't go with them this year because they're a bit expensive; just went with the standard "fill with water" bags, and we spray the walls of the stalls with a strong fly spray after cleaning.