Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another fabulous trip to PWF!

So, Tiki decided to be an awesome boy and hop right up on the trailer today.:) We arrived, I stuck him in the round pen with hay and water, and had to start teaching right away:( Becca got on and let him warm up, then asked for the contact ... amazing enough, Tiki gave very quickly, showing he'd retained what he learned Monday! They had a GREAT warmup, with Becca totally agreeing with me how HARD it is to use lots of leg, post slow, and trot ON!:) I think they looked FANTASTIC. I could NOT believe how fantastic Tiki looked today; he REALLY remembered what he'd been taught, and was giving beautifully to the rein pressure. Cantered very nicely on the left lead, working on the same concept of not letting him get all balled up and taking teeny strides. It took her a few tries for the right lead, but got the concept down after I explained myself a little better. His jump work was MOST excellent, and not only did he do his FIRST line ever, he did a full little course picture perfectly. I think this weekend is going to be GREAT!

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