Friday, May 1, 2009

No more 5 day riding streaks ...

Attempted to ride Tiki today, but the rain came right after I got on Chester. As of now, the rain has stopped, but now it's time to load up the son and take him out to the grandparents' house since hubby and I both have to work tomorrow. Won't see the pony all weekend because I'm going to a friend's house after work for another friend's bachelorette party:) Should be fun! Rode yesterday, and had a VERY pleasant ride with my friend Nicole. It was just the 2 of us; me on Tiki, she on her gelding (he is SO cute). They were great. We again went across the street and down the powerlines. Rode for around 2 hours; our horses were just perfect. We enjoyed walking on the buckle, a nice gallop through a field, and a little bit of trotting on the open trail. It was fun just wandering wherever we wanted, and no sapling forests to tear us up.;)

The STRANGEST thing happened once we got back into the driveway. Tiki was wearing his ear net and his new Vespucci bridle. Now granted, the throatlatch is a HAIR too long, but it's acceptable ... he shook his head really hard and the entire bridle and ear bonnet fell OFF. It came OFF his head. Nicole and I were like, "Did that really just happen?" The noseband was properly adjusted, the bridle FITS, and like I said, the throatlatch is just a teeny bit too big, but I have never had a horse shake a bridle completely off its head. Fortunately, we were in the driveway so I just dismounted and led him back to the barn via the reins around his neck ... SO STRANGE, lol. Gave the boy and bath and let him graze and dry in the sun while I cleaned his tack and put stuff away. Sad to not ride him today, but Monday I'm all over it!:)


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  2. How strange!! His bridle just came off??? I have never even heard of that happening from a horse shaking his head. Must have been one heck of a head shake!

    Good thing it did not happen while you were out on trail.

    Have a fun weekend!

  3. For real? Wow, and I'm afraid of one ear western bridles, or any bridle w/o a throatlatch. Of all the things tack can do, that isn't one I would have predicted...

  4. I know, itsn't it crazy?! I've been riding for 22 years, and I've seen bridles PULLED off a horse's head. Literally, we were stopped, and he shook his head hard like he had a fly biting him, and the ear net and all slid right off. Nicole and I literally looked at each other like, "Holy cow! Now what?" Lol. I think I'll be punching a hole in the throatlatch and trying to jack it up as high as possible.:)