Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breeches for the Horse Trial:)

Went to Dover today, and walked out with a new pair of Ariat breeches! I have NEVER bought anything nicer than On Course cotton naturals, and I scored a pair of Ariat low rises for $40!!! They're black, which is what I want for my xc "outfit". Black breeches, black helmet, royal blue polo shirt, black vest. Black boots on the boy, white saddle pad. Would LOVE to score me a square Eco Gold pad for xc, but I have to juggle my $$ so there's enough to show with AND pick up a few new things here and there. XC schooling day after tomorrow, then next outing is tentatively just over a month from now; hunter pace at Chattahoochee Hills on August 21st, then a few jumper classes at an HSV show on Sunday. That way, I score big! We get to get out on the xc course and jump, AND we get to do some jumper classes in the ring. My goal is to do one class at 2'6, one at 2'9, and one at 3'0. 3 classes is about our limit, and I WANT to show him at 3' before we debut at BN.

Yesterday was the first time I've jumped Muffin since the clinic. He was ... good. Could have been better, but certainly could have been worse! Changed my pasture plan, and ended up hacking in the ring. A light hack turned into leg yielding, and TOTH, trot; TOTH, trot; TOTH, canter; TOTH, canter. He wanted to get pretty strong at the canter. I was riding in the low ported Myler bit on my hunter bridle, and he was NOT happy about it. He was pulling so hard on me, you would have thought I had a string in his mouth. Half halted him pretty hard a few times, making sure to let GO, and he was pretty good. Trotted in/cantered out of a long 1 stride in 2; single cav to a double cav. When he's fresh, he wants to land and GO. Definitely wants to get into jumper mode. Which ... I suppose is good, haha! I'm just really picky with the WAY he goes. Even though he doesn't move like a hunter, a hunter course is my ultimate goal. Slow, rhythmic, straight ... from there, you build on jumper elements, such as lengthening, tight turns, turning in the air, etc. When a horse's feet are moving fast, his brain isn't functioning properly, haha.

When I haven't worked him in a while, he wants to cross canter a lot. It is SUCH a pain! Hoping I don't have to deal with that a ton Monday; maybe I'll longe him in the morning before he gets on the trailer ... depends on how fresh he looks. Anyway, there was a low oxer set up to a fairly tight bending line to a vertical. Both jumps were 2'3. I cantered in/cantered out. That was REALLY where he wanted to land and scoot. I half halted so hard at one point, he flung his head up, hollowed his back, and made MY back hurt. Ugh. Will school him in his normal jumping bridle Monday, with the waterford and the figure 8. Seems like no matter what other bits I try, he just goes the BEST in the waterford.

Finished up well. He still felt a little fresh, and my leg felt a little loose, but overall not bad at all. Just praying I stay on track financially so I can stick to my goals I've set. I don't want to light up the world with my brilliance, I just want to have fun and be moderately successful at what I do. I am just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to FINALLY own a horse, and to have the ability to train, teach, show, and just ride. I love my life, and wouldn't want to change a thing:)

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  1. Good luck at your trial! I can't wait to see pictures!