Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yeah, it's STILL hot

Lol, I was reading some of my old blog entries and it seems as though I'm either b!tch&ng about how cold it is outside, or how hot it is outside! Wish I had a nice covered ring ... maybe once I win the lottery tonight;)

I did ride yesterday. Had planned to walk hills with the bridle on, but with the foam pad and the bareback pad ... but the bareback pad was mysteriously missing! So, I walked in his saddle pad and a foam pad. The foam pad actually worked; I could FEEL the fact that he HAS shark withers, but no pain:) It's just hard to mount and not shift the pads around, but we deal. Was walking up the first hill, and heard this awful noise off to the right, and Tiki just about lost his mind. Leaped sideways, snorted louder than I'd heard in FOREVER, and looked so hard I thought his body might shatter. Thank goodness he's so sensible, though, because I patted him, talked to him, and he made it up the hill without dumping me. Thank goodness he DOES have his shark withers, or I may have ended up on the ground when he did his nice little sideways leap. Worked up and down the steep hill on the other side of the pasture, and made him focus on bending and walking on the bit; that's why I put him in his bridle. Not because I need control, but because I need him to be soft in the jaw and poll if I want decent dressage scores in October.:)

Didn't ride today because I held horses for farrier for 5 hours, and by the time he was done it was Just. Miserable. My life will be easier when Kody starts school in 2 weeks because I'll have to get up to get him on the bus, so from there, I can just get ready and head straight to the barn to ride. I haven't been getting up early to head out because it is really tough to drag my 8 year old around with me from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon, so I've tried NOT to do that.

Looking forward to team $700 Squeaky Alligators! Only 3 more weeks!

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