Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raced the rain ... and the rain won!

Had a mildly amusing afternoon. Taught lessons this morning, then rushed to Joyce's to hold horses for the farrier. Farrier was being helped by the cowboy, and only had my horse and one other left. So, held the final 2 horses, then proceeded to clean all the stalls. By this time, the skies were looking QUITE threatening. I practically ran out to Audrey's paddock, grabbed her, THREW her tack on, then jumped on sans boots or half chaps, and hacked her in the front pasture, where I've never ridden her before. This was VERY close to a trail ride. She spooked about 2 dozen times, but was overall very brave and not too stupid, yay! I patted her like crazy and talked to her as I hacked her around. She really was a good girl.

Finished up and grabbed Tiki as fast as possible. Pulled off his fly sheet, observed HUGE shoulder rub from said new sheet, and put on Audrey's saddle pad, his foam back pad, then the fleece bareback pad. Tied his lead rope to his halter, and led him to the back pasture to walk hills. It has cooled off dramatically at this point. Had a slight downhill disadvantage on the mount, and I had barely gotten my leg over the bareback pad when he proceeded to trot, then canter away and up the hill. I got myself up, and yanked his little red butt HARD. I then went and walked the hill, and he didn't seem that happy with me. Trotted down the hill, then went back up again, and what had been a mild shower turned into a downpour. Tiki began jigging sideways. Have I mentioned my little red head is sensitive? Went about half way up again, and then it thundered and he nearly spooked out from under me. Lightning soon followed, so I gave up and trotted back to the gate, then went into the barn, completely and thoroughly soaked.

Gave him a bath, SCRUBBED his sweaty face where his fly mask had gathered sweaty crusties, and scrubbed his back legs where the tiniest patch of rain rot was trying to form. Rinsed him with a water/vinegar rinse, and put him in front of the huge fan to dry while I went to work on him with the clippers. Cleaned up his face, clipped the bridle path, then tortured him with a little bit of ear clipping. I didn't really want to clip his ears, but I DID want to work on his acceptance of me clipping his ears. I'd say it wasn't THAT successful. I think I need to try some target/tweet training with him. I haven't yet, and I just need to do it. I HATE fighting him to get his ears clipped all the time. By this time, he was dry, so I put his sheet back on after loosening up the neck a little bit, put his fly mask back on, and doused him with some fly spray. Plan to hack in the front pasture tomorrow.

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