Friday, July 30, 2010

First time using the dressage bridle today ...

It was Tiki-boy's 2nd time in the dresssage bridle, but my first time using it. While I was on vacay, Nicole used it on him. Awesome friend she is, she told me I can use it any time, so decided that if we're to do an entire test in it, I'd better get him used to it:)

I think his head looks really pretty in it, actually! It's a super nice bridle; Nicole has great taste in tack;) The bit is a Mikmar loose ring lozenge bit. I've used the D-ring version, and I wasn't that crazy about it. I have to say, I did like the loose ring version, though. You'd think I would have been smart and actually ridden him in the ring, but it was STILL TOO HOT.

We did 8 minutes of trot, 2 minutes of canter each way in the front pasture with the hills. There's the flat front pasture, that I always rode him in before. The other front pasture has some lovely trees in it (SHADE!), and has a nice up and down flow to it. A few things I did differently this time: THINLINE pad! Also, tied my stirrups to the girth. Unfortunately, I tied them just a hair too tight, lol. I actually made it through the first 10 minutes with NO problem. My back felt great this time. I felt super steady with my upper body since my legs were totally still. I made Tiki really stay straight with his shoulders and flex at the poll. It's weird how when you trot down a hill, you have to use a TON of leg. I'm going to be adding in a lot more canter when I do field work, because I really need him to be able to just CANTER, and not want to take off in a lovely gallop. I get up in 2 point, and aim him across a field, and he FLIES! After reversing and picking up a trot the other way, my thighs started to scream. Finished up with my back feeling GREAT, but my knees were a little stiff, and my thighs were pretty tired. Not sure if I'll ride this weekend; I need to to hit my goal of 3 rides this week. It was a scorcher:(

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  1. Love three piece loose rings on these guys. I've decided that's going to be my go-to bit with any TB I get up on to start with, and change only if necessary. Tiki's adorable in his dressage duds :)