Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The "babies"

Soo, ran out of time and didn't get to ride my boy today, but I did ride "the babies". They're a pair of 3 year olds with 90 days of training on them, and my job is to keep them going. Rode them in the back pasture today; planned to do some hill work and hacking to save the pasture because it started raining Friday and didn't stop until early Monday morning. Reley, the palomino, had a moment when he came face to face with 4 baby longhorn cows across the way. He took off running, and fortunately, I was able to crank his head into my knee and stop him. Made him walk back up to the fence, and then walk back and forth along the fence line until he relaxed. Finished with walking over some running water that is runoff from the pond. He did NOT like that at ALL. Ended up working with him through all that water for about 15 minutes; honestly, that suprised me because Reley has a great brain. I actually was suprised all the way around, because he was generally pretty spooky, and hadn't offered that up before today. Rode Chester, the paint. Chester won the award for being a GOOD BOY today. Didn't freak at the cows, didn't spook at anything, and walked calmly through/over the water at the end. I was so proud of "my" boys! Will ride all 3 tomorrow; I plan to ride in the back again. Tiki will be going to PWF Saturday because I picked up my friend's trailer today, yay!

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