Thursday, March 19, 2009

Takin it easy ...

Today was just one of those days when I didn't plan to push. Ended up pushing the envelope, but not pushing physically. Put the mares up, and left the gate to the pasture open so I could just ride in. Rode in, and came to the water. Oh, the lovely water. Leaped over it and cantered up the hill. Ooookay. Turned around and went over again, and again ... went on into the pasture, and set to walking up a big hill. Got to the top, walked down another one, walked back up another one, etc. Picked up a trot and trotted some circles in the lovely flat area of the pasture. Heading towards the barn, of course, he wanted to get fast, so I worked on the usual half halt and slow posting. REALLY concentrated on not grabbing and holding his face. I think I succeeded pretty well.:) Did another hill, then trotted some more. He was a little fresh today, and the hind end wanted to leave the ground a little when he thought it was time to canter. Little did he know, I had no plans to canter today. After not riding for a week, I just wanted to do the hills and some trot sets. No jump or anything. I will show up again at 8 in the morning, and ride Tiki before riding the babies tomorrow. I think I may jump the hay bale tomorrow.:) Depends on how quiet the booger is.

Ended with MORE water. I was very patient. I let him sniff at it, and after he ran through the puddle again, made him go through again and again until he went through QUIETLY. Walked around to just behind the little barn, and there is a HUGE mud pit with lots of standing water. Asked him to walk in. Instead, he backed up at mach 10 speed. Walked forward again, and he did his statue impression. I had had it with that. I agressively lifted my heel, turned my toe out, and alternated kicking him HARD with first my right leg then my left. Yay! That WORKED. He walked forward into the mud, and we walked around and around, splashing away. When he actually accepted his fate and just walked through it, I ended his misery and dismounted and loosened his girth. All in all, I would call today successful.:)

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  1. Look how nicely he stands :) I bet he was one of those who tried to rush back to the barn from the track though. Or perhaps got away with it. Good schooling, love unwinding with those rides where you just do whatever comes to mind.

    The babies are cute too! Cattle...yeaaaah...killer beasts (rolling eyes)