Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just enjoying life!

Well, Saturday morning began with a fight.:( I managed to screw up my horse that loaded perfectly by shoving him on a too small tin can trailer last time I took him to PWF. This time, the trailer is a huge, open 3 horse slant, and he stopped and said NO WAY. Took half an hour and the longe line, and we were on our way. Arrived uneventfully, and put him in the round pen with hay and water. He chilled for about an hour until Becca arrived, and then they made their way up to the "big ring". It was a GORGEOUS day, and Tiki came out quiet. They walked for a while, then began trotting, and he was beautiful. Slow, quiet, and Becca's assesment is that he's "Such a jumper, it's not even funny!" Yay! They went over a few poles, and he was good. She cantered the left lead for quiet awhile and he was a rock star; not caring at all when the other horses in the lesson cantered around him. She's ridden him the other time I took him to PWF, and couldn't get his right lead. It's tricky, and I'm not sure I really do a good enough job explaining how I get it. This time, though, she was persistent and patient, and they got it on the 5th or 6th try. He held it and didn't swap, so that was good. The exercise I gave them was a left lead canter over a pole, 6 stride bending line to a "medium" cavelletti, down to the trot to a wide sweeping right hand half circle, then a trot back over the pole towards 'home', and a straight line halt. He did great over the pole, then lost the canter to the cavelletti, then had a nice trot and halt. Tried again next time, and he was perfect! Jumped a 'high' cavelletti (ours are about 2') with NO problem what so ever.:) Trotted in, cantered out, acted like he'd been doing it his whole life! Tried our first ever solid ring obstacle; a brush box with flowers. He was perfect. Pushed our luck, and tried the brick wall jump as well (which is a very scary obstacle for one of our schoolies; she only jumps it the first try maybe 50% of the time, and she's lived with it and jumped it for the last 2 years:0 ). Again, perfection!!! So, she jumped off, loosened the girth, and he was done for the day.

Had plans to go trail ride on this FANTASTIC day, but my non horsey husband gave me a huge guilt trip, which is why I'm sitting here typing out this blog.:( Sucks for me. Oh well, I'm sure the boy is enjoying his day of recovery, and I'll ride him tomorrow in our usual pasture and just wait for next Saturday. I am SO blessed.:):)

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  1. Great weekend! I love the jumping picture, Tiki is just gorgeous! Definately looks natural. Sorry about the trailer loading fun. :( May that come easier next time.