Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trail today!

Today was fun. Went out with Joyce, Wayne, and Cindy. We went out the back pasture and across the road to the pulpwood forest. Took our usual loop that I could PROBABLY actually find on my own, lol. Only rode for around an hour or so. Tiki was perfect through the water, jumped a log nicely, and really wanted to be fresh today! He jigged a little bit, and wanted to do his big boy "power walk" instead of moseying with the babies. He was better on a loose rein, but he just walked too darn fast.:) As soon as I picked up contact, he wanted to jig away. I left off the Thinline pad, and used my fleece 'wither relief' pad today, and he seemed good. Didn't notice the patch of broken hair behind the withers today, so I think the saddle is ok. It's the Wintec I've been borrowing until I can get some wither tracings sent in to Trumbull Mtn. tack so maybe they can FINALLY help me find a saddle. He wasn't too bad; I was just a little over the whole jigging thing. I didn't get to ride him yesterday, though, because my son was sick and pitiful, so I didn't feel right making him sit in the car for 3 hours while I cleaned stalls, then sit for ANOTHER hour while I rode. I just have to remember that we have NO timetable, NO agenda, and NO plans. If he gets a week off here and there, he should enjoy it! There's no reason to stress about the inconsistent work because I have ALL summer to ride everyday and get on a solid schedule. Will be staying home tomorrow, and plan to ride Monday before I head out to PWF.:)

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  1. I think trail riding is so good for them mentally. Great to hear you had a nice time! Hope your son feels better :)