Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today was about as well as can be expected.

Today wasn't horrible. We've been worse, lol. I had low expectations for today since it had been Sat nearly 2 weeks ago since I'd ridden Tiki. All last week was just horrible, rainy, cold weather, and then over the weekend I had the Regionals, and then all week I've just been so tired. Anyway, I decided not to longe because he was looking pretty darn quiet while I tacked him up. Decided to try out a borrowed Thinline pad with my ill fitting borrowed Wintec saddle. I could not tell a difference. In fact, today was a day we hadn't had in quite awhile. He was trying to be a little bit bucky. Walked, leg yielded, and performed a half way decent turn on the forehand. Started out super quiet at the the trot, and then as I shortened my reins and asked for bend and collection, he started to get quick and bucky. I got onto him a bit, flexing him into by knee and using my leg a bit. We worked ALL over the pasture, and I finally just looped the reins at him. That did help. I just worked super hard at maintaining my posting rhythm and trying not to touch his mouth. Did a bunch of figure 8's that way, and he stayed quiet, just did not bend. Cantered on the left lead, and he did NOT offer to buck. Tried a few times for the right lead and didn't get it, so didn't push. Trotted a few times over a teeny crossrail I have set up in the pasture, and he felt pretty good. Ended with a good, quiet jump. I do have higher hopes for tomorrow; hopefully he will behave himself! I would like to ride in the back pasture if I can kick the mares out.:)

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  1. Hmmmm. Inconsistant work, or is it the saddle again? What a pain that's been for you to deal with. I always wanted to try a thinline, but I just can't see what makes them so special. Kind of glad to see someone say they didn't see any difference in it. Maybe with all the bad saddle luck, a treeless might be something to look into?