Monday, January 2, 2012

Alternative therapies

(One year ago)
More specifically, for the human!  My goal this year first and foremost after getting Tiki started on Adequan is to introduce chiropractic care.  I WISH I could share with y'all the PAIN I have felt in the last year that has been 100% alleviated by chiropractic adjustments.  Now don't get me wrong, I am the first to head to the bottle of ibuprofen when I hurt ... but I haven't been to a "real" doctor since my boss 'made' me after I fell off Audrey and got a concussion.

Most recently, I was battling a near debilitating hip pain.  For a few months, I've felt a little stress in it after a long day of riding, working, and walking.  Last month at the most recent IEA show I attended, I rode 2 horses that didn't belong to me ... and were significantly wider than my Squeaky boy.  From then on, my little hip stress became hip PAIN, to the point where I could barely climb up in my truck.  800 mg of ibuprofen barely touched it, it was that bad.  So, off to the chiropractor I went!

My particular chiropractor is also a kinesiologist, which means he uses muscle tests, herbs, and machines to adjust you.  He also uses a "cold" laser, foot soakings, and laser accupuncture.  He is NOT a cracker type of chiropractor, which is super important to me.  Cracking my neck makes it really, really hurt.

So, he did all the crazy muscle tests to determine where the issue was, and realized the joint was out of alignment.  He adjusted the joint, adjusted my back and neck as per usual, and sent me on my way.  Nearly 2 weeks later, I went back for a follow up, and would say my hip was at about 96%.  He had to adjust it again, along with a whole NEW area on my back and neck, and today I'm sitting here feeling 110%.  It is amazing.  NO pain, no issues, I'm feeling ready to ride tomorrow!  If I feel THIS good after an adjustment ... I can only imagine how good my horse would feel.  So not only do I want to compete recognized at BN one more time, I want to do a few CT's at Novice and at least one schooling trial at Novice.  All of that is after I get him seen by the chiro.  If you've never tried it ... I recommend it!

Riding the boy tomorrow after a month off ... wish me luck!:)


  1. I love the chiro too, really hoping to get my boys done soon. Happy New Year!

  2. You know it! I wouldn't let anyone else touch my back or neck; he is the best:)

    And BeBe, Happy New Year to you too!