Sunday, January 22, 2012

The verdict is in ... sort of?

(sporting the injury wrap:(  )

Well.  Tiki's leg was still pretty swollen and warm by Thursday.  He was getting turned out, but I didn't ride or work him despite being sorely tempted to longe him Wednesday.  I ended up not, and it turned out to be a good thing.  Thursday Tiki was scheduled for Coggins/shots, and he took a look at the leg while he was there.  I wasn't there, and the message I got was, "Yep, that's a splint.  DMSO, wrap, and stall rest for 5 days.  Turnout at the end of that in roundpen, and if it doesn't look any better, plan to x-ray."

How EXACTLY do I determine "better"?  As I said, he hasn't been lame.  He's STILL not lame.  I will certainly say that the swelling is 100% better.  I was afraid to wrap because last time he had his splint boo boo and I DID wrap, I irritated the boo boo.  I decided to use my brain, and decided to pad it with a gauze pad held in place with Vetwrap, then wrap over it.  On Friday, after coldhosing it I inspected the boo boo more in depth since the blood had finally come off, and it looked kind of nasty; moreso than I had originally thought.  I don't know how well the vet REALLY looked at it, but I was a little worried about it.  Bought some antiseptic cream that claims to prevent proud flesh, and began using that as well.  By today, the leg really LOOKS great. No swelling at all, boo boo looks MUCH better, heat is non-existent.  There is definitely a bump in the splint area, and he is touchy tender (as per usual), so I'm mildly panicky as to what needs to be x-rayed.  It is prohibitively expensive to bring the vet out for a 2 minute peek, but it may have to be done if I determine that bump is too scary to put him back to work.

Does anyone in bloggerland have experience with splint injuries?  Anyone deal with a fracture?  Anyone know exactly what it REALLY means when a horse "pops a splint"?  This is territory I'm unfamiliar with, and I want to make sure I give him the proper treatment so he is sound for a good, long time.  TIA for any insights!
(cold hosing)


  1. Most of what I understand about splints doesn't involve wounds. The popped splints I have seen are usually hot, raised lumps. The good news is, stall rest probably is just what he needs. Keep us posted. Poor Muffin!

  2. Thanks Jae! He is HATING his stall rest:( Gotta tell you though, I will take a popped splint over colic ANY day:)

  3. Jasmyne popped splints in both front legs with NO swelling AND NO lameness. I remember Trinna saying after i noticed them... "she hasn't been off!?? No swelling???... well, you got you a hearty horse!!!" And they never bothered her since.

  4. All the splits I've encountered only showed a day or two of soreness, then they just hardened with no heat. I would either ice or poultice for comfort, stall rest should be fine. I would think everything would be A OK after the 5 days.