Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not really feeling it

I have this near insatiable urge to rant against the IEA, and about a few select parents in charge of certain teams ... but I will refrain myself for the moment.  I am a professional, and I strive to conduct myself in a professional manner in all areas of my life; ESPECIALLY online.  Nowhere will you find nude pics, drunk pics, or otherwise compromising information about me:)  But suffice it to say that I am sad, sick, and disheartened with my "team" life right now, and just wondering if a year off of it will do me some good.  Maybe I will look into trying to steward some shows next year and NOT actively coach ... Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Moving on!  My boy is not, and never really has been lame at all since Sunday.  His leg is ugly ... to the point that I was semi-wondering if he's popped a splint.  It looks worse I think because it's on that leg with the old bow.  It's definitely BETTER looking, but still swollen, and still a little warm.  I did loading dose number 2 on Monday, and I have cold hosed the leg every day, and he has gone out every night, but I have NOT ridden him.  Today he had his shots/Coggins so I asked my wonderful barn owner to have Mr. Vet take a look at the leg while he was out to confirm that it's just a flesh wound.  Sadly, I had my yearly visit with the Dr. today so I couldn't be there for the vet.  Buuut ...  I haven't heard from my barn owner, so I'm optimistic about the "flesh wound" confirmation:)  I would think a popped splint or worse would warrant a phone call.

I hope to get back to riding on Monday because I feel like I'm wasting the loading dose.  Got 2 shows this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday, but I'm only taking Star on Saturday and nobody on Sunday because they only let in 2 kids on Sat and 1 on Sunday.  Not worth it to haul an hour+ for only one kid.  I do have kids from my other teams though, so I will be there all day.  Yay me.

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