Sunday, January 15, 2012

A third place finish, and a lame horse

Well, today was bittersweet.  My kidlets unloaded the Tiki boy, and I was informed that he had a cut on the inside of his cannon bone, and it was swollen.  GREAT.  Of course this would occur once I've decided wrapping is a waste of time for a trailer ride.

Upon inspection, I determined it was NOT a trailer injury; he's done his yearly/bi yearly splint injury.  His right foot gets crazy twice a year or so, and gouges a chunk out of the left splint area.  It's usually a substantial gash with swelling and blood.  I then decide to "protect" him with boots in turnout, and all that does is irritate the wound and cause it to keep open and weeping.  Because I've decided wrapping is a waste of time, I didn't notice the gash until we arrived at the show grounds (I'm blaming the 3:30 am wake up call).  The blood was pretty thick and had obviously run down the leg and stained the hoof.  The swelling wasn't too bad, but there was a small amount of heat.  He wasn't obviously lame, so I opted to tack him up and allow him to warm up on the flat; he isn't dead lame, but he's certainly uncomfortable so back to the stall he went to hang out while the show went on.

My girls ended up third today out of about 14 teams, so yay for them.  My middle school team is already qualified for Regionals, but my farm team isn't yet.  2 more shows to get it done!

Friday was a GREAT day.  I set up a pole pattern I learned from Sinead Halpin (an easy bending serpentine line of pole/2 strides/bounce/2 strides/pole.

Also set up a 3 cavaletti bounce.

While I set up the exercise, I allowed Muffin to run around and blow off some steam; and blow it off he did! I've NEVER seen him so wild, lol!  Leaping STRAIGHT up in the air, rearing up quite high, bucking, and running like a maniac.  Hmmm, come to think of it, he could have hit himself at this point of the day and I just didn't realize it.

The ride was lovely; soft, sensitive, and forward once I got him in front of my leg.  Had the stirrups tied to the girth, and they felt GREAT.  It's so nice when my leg is tightly anchored; wish I could achieve the same feeling without velcro.  I began with the serpentine exercise, and he was RIGHT there for me every time.  I set the 2 strides 6 ft short, and they rode perfectly.  As he cantered out over the 4th pole, I shifted out and asked him to land left.  Only one time he didn't, and when at that point I asked him for a change,he GAVE it to me, woo hoo!  I had a random line that was totally not set, and put in a quiet 5 strides each time.  I finally came through the bounce, and it rode pretty well.  I HATE bounces:)  Went through a few more times and worked on his balance and his shape through the corners; I did the random line in both a 4 and a 3 in addition to the quiet 5.  He was super adjustable!  It felt amazing to finally jump a jump, albeit a small one since our last IEA show on Dec. 4.

I was disappointed for sure that he's off, but hopefully all should be well by Wednesday.  Assuming that's the case, I will ride Wed and Thurs, Fri off, then final IEA shows Saturday and Sunday.  Tomorrow I will give him the 2nd loading shot of Adequan.

Keep your fingers crossed that Muffin's leg looks good with a little turnout tonight and some cold hosing tomorrow!:)

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