Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A THANK YOU and a pictoral essay

First things first, a big THANK YOU to all the bloggers that posted on my blog post.  It really helped to reassure me that Tiki will live and be just fine:)  I have determined after reading up on splints that his seems to be just fine.  I unwrapped it yesterday and left it "open", and today it looked pretty good.  Still no heat or swelling, and the boo boo seems to be healing up pretty well.

Here's a few pics of how it looked today:

(view today.  Note the lack of swelling)

(even the bump is smaller than it was)

(closeup of the boo boo)

(oh so stylish camo vetwrap protecting the boo boo)

(his oh so cool western splint boots)

(nice thick leather protective padding)

(muffin's turnout digs for the next week (note his mare being nosy!))

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