Sunday, January 8, 2012

I love hacking out!

Tomorrow is a new day.  Adequan regimen to begin!  I'm excited to see what kind of results I'm going to have.    Waiting for a break in the rain so I can get off my lazy butt and do 4 miles.  Friday I rode the boy in his pasture.  Meandered up the long gradual hill, went back down, back up again, walked across the way over to the other side, then went up and down the steep, short hill twice.  We then wandered back across the way over to the long hill, where I guided him RIGHT along the fence line, in areas I'm pretty sure he does NOT hang out in.  I was very proud when he squeezed in between a huge dead tree root and the fence.  He has issues with tight squeezes, and I was happy when he didn't even so much as speed up.  It rained pretty good yesterday and today, so the footing in the ring should be lovely tomorrow.  I plan to ride in the dressage saddle for 2 days, then do 2 days of hacking in the cc saddle; will probably do some bounces and some poles, but don't plan to jump an actual jump until the IEA show on Sunday.  Got this weekend and the following, and then I'm DONE with the regular season:)  My new team qualified for Regionals, so we do have that to get through; not sure what my barn team is going to do.  They don't seem into it at ALL this season, so I'm debating taking a year off from my Patchwork team.  The boss is 110% on board with that, so I guess we'll just see how this season finishes up.  It's disheartening when not a single one of the kids takes ANY initiative to step up and be a leader.  Oh well!  I will check back in Tues or Wed with an update on the Tiki Monster!!  Until then, stay dry:)

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