Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another show ... what am I thinking?!;)

Sooo, looks like we'll be doing another show in 3 weeks. This time, I'll stick 100% with the jumpers. That's what I want to do with my boy, so why torture him with the hunters? Haven't done much with him this week. Rode yesterday and jumped him for the first time since the show. He felt GREAT! Willing, forward, and just like normal.:) Set up a nice sized 2'9 oxer to a 3' vertical, and had set up 2 cavellettis on TOP of each other, making a sort of scary looking 2'6ish jump. Had 2 poles set to practice lead changes over. Interestingly, he had right lead issues.:( He'd had his massage Saturday afternoon, and I rode him Monday after he had Sunday off. Felt good; nice and loose, but when I asked for the right lead, he had trouble. Celeste did tell me he felt sore on the right side, and Tiki let her really get into the muscle deep on that side. She said he did not let her really mess with the left side too much, and obviously, that's the side where he has to start his right lead. Overall, he felt pretty much the same to me; his right lead issues are certainly nothing new. Riding the rest of this week! The weather is COOL for a few days, yay!!

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