Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The next video!

Rode my pumpkin today. He flatted well; I worked on slipping him the reins a little more, like Janet had me do with Audrey yesterday. I'm looking forward to his next massage; he still feels so stiff to me. He's just not getting supple at ALL, and I work so much on extending, collecting, bending, etc. He's so much better than he WAS, but it still just isn't GREAT, you know? Oh well, I'll keep working and asking and trying and maybe this time next year I'll be posting about how we're planning to attend the George Morris clinic in Birmingham in October.;) Anyway, I have video number 2 to post; this was our first hunter round. Not HORRIBLE, but we do miss 2 lead changes, rightfully earning our 4th out of 4.


  1. I like this round. There are a few less than perfect spots and the leads, but thats ok. The only thing I would say is when you get an ugly spot make sure you exaggerate your release so hes not being caught in the mouth like in the second fence in the close outside line. Seems like you had a good amount of leg on him during this round and its nice.

  2. Thanks for that ... yes, I need to LEARN how to grab mane without dropping my leg and jumping ahead. Poor boy ... like I said a few months ago during a time when *I* felt so off ... sometimes my horse is a superstar *despite* my riding. Hopefully the nerves are more in check, and I can keep my wits about me!;)