Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video number 3!:)

Did some butt work today, yay! My boy was awesome:) It is so interesting ... at the base of EVERY hill, he tried to stick his head up and trot. I used my voice and reins and asked for the walk; at that point, his ENTIRE topline changed ... the head dropped and stretched, and I could feel his hind end powering his body up the hill. I think it was literally the first time I could REALLY feel his back literally come up underneath me. He was more or less on the buckle the whole time; I had just enough contact to not have swinging reins. The trot was relaxed and soft, and I didn't touch his face hardly at all. After a nice workout for about half an hour, I let him gallop up one of the more gradual hills; WOW! That feeling of near out of control power is incredible. I let him jump our little log jump twice, and ended with another *teeny* gallop.:) After that, he even came back down to the buckle and didn't try to jig or run off. I LOVE my pony!

OK, hunter round number 2 ... this one was better up until the LAST line where I had NO idea where I was in my line, and in my determination to not chip that stupid jump I'd chipped twice already, I left out a full stride and instead of a 5 and a chip, I did 4 and a chip, and he ended up taking out the entire jump. I was proud because we GOT our changes this time, and I felt it was overall the best jumping round despite the final "oops".

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