Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loving the Fall weather!!!

This weather makes me so happy:) I rode 2 horses yesterday and today, and didn't even sweat, ha ha!:) Had a lovely ride on the Tiki boy yesterday ... set up a 3 jump gymnastic with progressively larger crossrails with quiet distances and a placing pole in between. I then set up an outside line with a normal cavelletti and a "tall" cavelletti stack jump. I set it up a little bigger then last time; I'd guess it was about 2'9 or so. Set that on a normal 5 stride line. I've put him back in the figure 8 with the Waterford bit, and it seems to be working fairly well. It was suggested to me at the last show to get him to close his mouth a bit:( Sooo, I'm back to strapping his mouth closed. He flatted nicely, and I worked on making my canter transitions more prompt. I think he did well. Warmed him up over the small cavelletti a few times, then trotted in/cantered out of the line. He jumped out well, even adding a stride! Trotted into the gymnastic, and he jumped through it with no problems. Just kept him quiet and trotted into everything everytime, and he felt great.

Today I did hill sets and trot sets. It was fun to have my fresh, "snorty" horse back, lol. He snorted and snuffled in time to his trotting:) It was such a LOVELY, cool day, and the wind was blowing a little bit, and he liked it! Tomorrow, I'm trail riding with 2 of my friends that are trailering out. I'm SO looking forward to it! Until then ... the firstvideo from day two at the show:)

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  1. Oooo I miss fall!!! Im sooo jealous right now!! What a great time to be a horse owner!!