Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More videos!

Took Audrey for a lesson with Janet today; what a GOOD GIRL!!! I have NEVER in all the months I've ridden her kicked her. Ever. Never ridden in a crop, and only rode in spurs once, and that was on accident. Today, she was quiet enough that I had to cluck AND kick. She was SO good today. Just really sacked out and went on a pretty loose rein; canter work was just fantabulous. She just has the best, most naturally balanced canter I've felt, probably ever. Jumped her first crossrail and didn't stop or jump 3' over it. I was quite proud.

OK, here's the vidoe of our fateful jumper round. Constructive criticism is always welcome. It looks bad enough, but it felt WAY worse than it actually looks. Love how I canter into the jump on the wrong lead (not). Ugh ... oh well, hopefully in 2 weeks I can't be any worse ... right???!


  1. I like the video, did a great job of capturing your ride.
    I think you guys just need more ring time!
    If I remember correctly from an older post from that show you felt the jumps were of a type that you guys don't normally see. That would be why he seemed to be 'sticky' at some of them. If that was me... I'm sure I would hear 'more leg!!' and support him and move forward to the jumps, especially the scary ones.

    I am pretty darn sure that at the next show in a couple weeks you both will do great!

  2. I agree with stephanie. More leg and keep your pace through the whole course so he doesnt chip. Im not sure about using so much voice. At some point he will start to ignore it or it might be a slight distraction to him. I dont like teaching green horses that jumping means yelling. You have to trust him. He will get to the other side.

  3. Awesome, thanks y'all! Yes, JW.BW, I needed a lot more leg. He feels like he carries more pace than he actually does, which is why I rode like such a goober without enough leg. At home, he's so bold and brave that I was more worried about him being too FAST, ha ha. I think we'll both be better prepared this go round. I like your assesment on the voice thing; I'll keep that in mind next time ... maybe I was using *that* instead of my leg ...